Best betting sites for cricket in India

If anything can match the passion that Indians feel for putting tea in a bowl and adding water to it at high temperature, it is undoubtedly cricket. In their quest to continue to discover the facets of this endless source of emotion, many of its fans venture into the world of Indian sports betting.

Best betting sites for cricket in India
Best betting sites for cricket in India

We congratulate you that this quest has led you here. Our site combines these two passions and the result is the best sports analysis, including the best cricket betting app in India with recommended betting tips and predictions.

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This experience, which gives us years of doing the same task and improving both the accuracy of the predictions and the benefits obtained with them, has also allowed us to find the best sports bookmakers in India.


On this occasion, we are going to offer you the sites that we think are the best option in India. With the aim of making your bets convenient, profitable and safe, we have not only chosen the ones that we liked the most, but by reading this list you will see the result of hours and hours of hard work.


So we accomplished this by measuring the number of matches, comparing aspects in the web or mobile version, consulting with customer service, reading the fine print or comparing their security systems, among other things we compared when deciding whether or not to include them.


In this post, not only will you find the best recommended sites, but we’ll also give you a summary of everything you can do on these platforms. You can also take advantage of welcome bonuses and promotions on the site, which experienced players use to raise their money without risking too much.


This extra money can be used on any type of sports betting. When we say “any type”, we’re emphasizing the wide range of analysis you’ll find here, ranging from cricket, as well as Formula 1, tennis, polo or cybersports.

Best betting sites for cricket in India
Best betting sites for cricket in India

But our list of topics doesn’t end there: in addition to sports predictions, we have an exclusive section for casinos. Here we show you the best casino sites for India, bonuses and promotions for players from India or information on the best games in this industry.  We also have the best articles in this sector, among which you will find: strategies to improve your poker game, roulette betting tips, blackjack stories, detailed reviews of the best slots and much more.

The best sports forecasts and betting tips

A large and growing number of our subscribers are from India of many others. One of the things that attracts them most to our site is the depth of our cricket predictions and betting tips. In addition, we highlight our odds comparator, which allows you to compare odds from the best sports bookmakers in Dafabet India to choose the most lucrative one.


The variety of cricket events we cover is very appealing to our growing audience, starting with the Indian National Cricket League and continuing with in-depth coverage of the Cricket World Cup.


But our list of events doesn’t end there. You’ll also find a long list of international championships.


All the matches we publish are analyzed by our experts and then approved by the editor, in a continuous process of confirmation or correction, in order to continuously improve the predictions.


In each entry, we take into account information that we know critically affects the results, these items are as follows: current team form, team form in the tournament, lineups with evaluation of absent and new players due to injury or suspension, stars of each team, statistics regarding number of goals per game, results of last 10 games and previous results.


This information is added to the note along with the rest of the contextual data, such as the day, time, stadium, city and country of the event. In some cases, you can also find information about the referees and the platforms where you can watch the event live, or a summary of previous matches.


Finally, when creating exclusive content, our team combines our predictions with the odds offered by Indian sports bookmakers on a case-by-case basis. In this way, we publish the most profitable bets for each match with clear and verifiable basics. However, each reviewer can use this prediction as they see fit, we even challenge them to find even more profitable odds.


At the end of this article, we suggest the most likely bet and 2-3 other possible bets. Among them you will find: Match Result (1×2), Number of goals (plus or minus 2.5), Exact Results, Handicap or whether both teams will score (yes/no).


Our goal behind each post is to become the perfect partner for people who, like us, are so passionate about cricket that they want to test their knowledge by betting on a team or result.


It should be noted that all our predictions were, are and will be free. Since our only goal is to help you invest your money profitably by providing better and better predictions every day.


In that sense, we are also willing to listen to your concerns or needs, if there is an event that you think is important and we don’t already cover it, you just have to suggest it. We will take care of it, as soon as the editor selects the most appropriate person for the assignment, in less than 24 hours you can get the analysis.


Live betting

Another section that gets a lot of hits is related to live events. Those who want to watch live events have access to them, and they can find several of them after simply registering with the respective Indian sports betting operators.


Once you register and deposit the minimum amount, you can enjoy a wide variety of live sports: cricket, tennis, basketball, rugby or cybersports. This will make it easier for you to watch those matches that you can’t find on cable without having to spend hours on the Internet searching for the site where they are broadcast.


In addition to letting you know the results and development of the match in real time, it also gives you the ability to bet in real time. It’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure in which many bettors make a big profit, as this method not only offers certain bets, but also updates its odds depending on the results as they come in.


This sparkling dynamic is fertile ground for those who know how to control their emotions and put rational, predetermined thoughts first. After all, if you know both teams thoroughly and know that one of them determines the course of the match in the final minutes, you might be able to break the bank with this information.


Another option is cash-out, to withdraw your bet plus the amount bet as a percentage of the winnings accumulated up to that point. A common scenario in which this can be relevant is when the team you bet on to win loses control of the match after the first goal. If you think they are facing a draw or a loss in the match, you can withdraw early. You won’t get back what you could have won if you hadn’t closed the bet, but it will always be better than losing everything.

Welcome bonuses and promotions for Indian bettors

Perhaps the first motive of every sports bettor is to win money by showing how much he knows. This desire brings us to the next section: welcome bonuses and promotions, no less successful than those mentioned above. There, our visitors will find everything related to offers, discounts or ways to win money without risk.


Let’s start with the welcome bonus: this is a bonus that almost all sports betting sites in India offer their new players. In fact, they are competing with each other to see who will offer the best bonuses, as they are a very tempting hook to attract new users to their platform.


You will receive this bonus after you sign up and make your first deposit. As a rule, each bonus has a corresponding explanation in the terms and conditions, which we recommend you read before using it.


Usually the amount of money you get as a bonus is related to the amount you deposited into your account. The good thing is that they have a certain expiration date, and you can extend it when you deposit again. Keep in mind that the number they usually advertise is the maximum amount you will receive if you follow the appropriate rules.


Another bonus that, if you’re not used to this topic, you might confuse with a welcome bonus is the sign-up bonus. This is a type of bonus that is only offered by some bookmakers and is played when you open an account, without the need to make a deposit. For this reason, they are usually much lower.


Finally, in this section you will also find the best promotions and offers from sports bookmakers.  These types of bonuses are mostly linked to sporting events, dates or certain holidays, as they depend a lot on that, they are indirect and you have to be very careful to take advantage of them, as they usually have a certain period of time before they expire.


This mechanic means that bookmakers offer perks almost every week, allowing you to get new offers and promotions on a regular basis. What’s more, these bonuses are available to new users as well as existing customers, so we recommend that you check this section regularly if you want to get serious discounts.

Increased odds

Something that all bettors, especially bettors from India, often ask us about is elevated odds. At first, newbies look at them with surprise, as they are not that common, but when they find out what they are, it is the first thing they look for in a sportsbook.


Super odds, mega odds or improved odds are betting offers exclusively for new users. They are a truly irresistible offer because they represent opportunities that, if successful, can significantly increase your bankroll.


The best way to explain this juicy opportunity to win big money is with the example of T20 in cricket. 


Sports betting operators usually give odds of 2.30 on a home team win and 2.65 on a away team win in such evenly matched matches. However, if bookmakers offer you improved odds, they can pay you almost 50 times that amount – an offer that is very hard to refuse!


Keep in mind that such lucrative offers are rare in the Indian market, so we take the time to research all available sites and offer you the best options. The craziest thing is that all the benefits, bonuses and promotions we have listed in this section can be combined, making huge profits in a very short time.

Betting odds analysis

How many times before betting on your favorite team have you wondered if this platform is the most profitable for it. This is a question that thousands of betting enthusiasts always ask themselves seconds before making that last click. Some answer it by conducting a difficult and agonizing search on the best betting sites for cricket offering the match; others decide to close their eyes, click their mouse and remain in doubt.


However, we know that this question arises for all of us, and to solve it, we have created a useful odds comparator. Going into this section will save you hours of research while dispelling doubts. It’s a simple but powerful tool that collects odds from hundreds of sports betting sites in India, allowing you to compare in real time the best odds available for the type of bets you choose.


This way, not only will you find out how your business has been up to this point in relation to the bookmaker you normally use, but you’ll also get to know new sites that will make your bets much more profitable. This may lead you to discover a world of opportunities that you’ve been missing out on and decide to try your luck at new betting sites, where when you sign up you get a welcome bonus and all the benefits mentioned above.

Legal and reliable sports bookmakers in India

If there’s one thing a bookmaker on our list should have, it’s security and trust. This is required not only by us, but also by all bettors who come to us. Before we entrust our money to certain betting sites, we know that they do their research.


With this in mind and in an effort to provide peace of mind to all of our visitors, we have decided to only include sites approved by State Authorities in our list. 


Thus, we take all the necessary precautions so that players can be sure that their money and profits are 100% insured.


So, if all you want to worry about is having fun, we recommend that you stick to the sites we list.


Can I bet at these Indian bookmakers using my cell phone? 

Of course you can! Each of the bookmakers on our list has a web version and another one that will allow you to log in from your smartphone or tablet. Once you’re logged in from the app or from your device’s browser, all you have to do is log in to start betting anytime, anywhere.


What sports can I bet on? 

Although cricket is the most popular, the list of sports is almost limitless. There are other options such as basketball, tennis, rugby, UFC or the increasingly popular cyber sports.  It’s just a matter of searching to find any event you want to bet on.


Can I withdraw my winnings whenever I want? 

Whenever and however you want! Whenever you want, you can withdraw your money or enjoy your betting winnings. All of these sites are optimized to make such tasks easy and accessible, offering a variety of withdrawal methods: bank transfer, UPI, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and other alternatives.


What happens if I have a problem while playing? 

Any inconvenience encountered while playing with your favorite betting operator has a solution, and it’s almost always easier than it looks. 


The answers to the vast majority of questions can be found in the FAQ section.

However, if your query requires other types of inquiries, all institutions have effective customer service. The first form of contact may be a chat room, where you can leave your question or complaint directly. Eventually you will also have the option of doing so by email or phone call.